HeroBook GM Edition

The ultimate toolkit for 5E game masters, with a reusable party tracker and monstrous hoard of resources, tables, and tools, all in a deluxe notebook.

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Made for GMs

The game master is the heart of every good tabletop game: they're the medium, the mythos, the monsters, and everything in between. To be a great game master is to be a window into a teeming, expansive fantasy realm. HeroBook GM makes all of that easier.


HeroBook GM is a deluxe A5 notebook for 5th edition game masters. An alternative to heavy hardcover rulebooks and disorganized folders and binders, HeroBook GM allows you to run your entire campaign from a single, powerful notebook.


With a reusable party tracker and fillable NPC/monster templates, a sleek gloss-black-on-matte-black cover, tons of quick rule references, worldbuilding tools and tables, and 100% recycled and sustainably soruced materials, it's every 5E game master's new best friend.