Fulfillment is complete!

I’m very happy to report that we have arrived at our expected shipping date for rewards – March 2020 – and fulfillment is not just complete, but has been for over a month! The majority of rewards were shipped out right around Christmas and arrived in backer hands from late December through late January. Thank you to everyone who shared photos and posts on social media – I will never not get a huge thrill out of seeing my books in your hands. 

If you have not received your rewards, it is because there is some kind of problem with your pledge, backer survey, payment, shipping details, etc. Please message me through Kickstarter, email me at help@materialcomponents.co, or reach out on any of our social media platforms, and we will get it sorted out and get your rewards on their way.


If you missed the campaign, or have a friend or party member who’s been lusting over yours, I have good news: HeroBook GM is now for sale! I’ve also added our new dry erase pens and the HeroBook GM matching dice sets to the store, so if you need to restock your accessories – and who doesn’t need more dice – you can get those now as well

NPC Jam & Nerd Wood Giveaway

To celebrate reaching the end of our campaign, I’m holding a little double-giveaway NPC Jam, and I need your help to pull it off! What’s an NPC Jam? It’s pretty simple:

1) Grab your favorite d20 and use the random tables inside your new HeroBook GM to roll up an NPC.

2) Submit your NPC via this entry form. 

3) Submissions will be collected into an NPC Compendium PDF resource that will be given away for free to all backers! This handy booklet will give you dozens of unique, memorable characters ready to drop into your game the moment your players throw you the inevitable curve ball. 

4) I will select my favorite NPCs from the submissions, and one grand prize winner and three runners-up will receive amazing hand-crafted wood gaming accessories from our friends at Nerd Wood Designs in Portland, Oregon!

Feeling creative? You can submit as many NPCs as you wish, but entrants can only win a single prize. Only backers are eligible to win prizes, but all usable submissions will be included in the NPC Compendium PDF. Entries will close at 11:59pm PT on March 31st, 2020, so get your NPCs in now!


The creator of my favorite NPC will receive a gorgeous hand-crafted wood DM screen from Nerd Wood Designs! This prize includes customizations including image, door and hardware options. These beautiful works of art include embedded magnets to hold your notes, and an incredibly useful dry-erase tile rack at the top for tracking initiative. 

Three runners-up will receive a beautiful hand-made hardwood dice tower – and I mean hand-made! Nerd Wood handles every step of the process from wood selection, milling, cutting, sanding, assembly, and finishing. 

About Nerd Wood Designs

Founded in Las Vegas in 2013 and now based out of Portland, Nerd Wood Designs crafts incredible hand-made wooden accessories, signs and wall art. I met Josh as an exhibitor at Emerald City Comic-Con last year and was enraptured by his DM screens, and I’m thrilled to work with him on this giveaway. Heroes in the Pacific Northwest can find his amazing work at Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle and Gamestorm in Portland this month.

Visit their Etsy store for all they have to offer (check that 5.0 rating!) and be sure to connect with them on TwitterFacebook, or Instagram

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