Happy new year, heroes. I rise triumphantly from a turkey and holiday baking haze with a quick update on fulfillment, and some clarification on the PDF version and binding!

Fulfillment is in progress!

As of today, over 95% of rewards worldwide have been shipped! The majority of rewards are now in transit, though I have heard from backers all over the world that the books are beginning to arrive. There are a small number of rewards that are still being packed and prepared for shipment – these are mostly from backers who had issues with their pledge that were just fixed in the last two weeks, as well as the most recent pre-orders. All of these have been processed for shipment, so all backers should have received shipping notifications from Blackbox about the delivery of their rewards. If you are expecting a shipment notification and have not received it, and you’ve checked your junk/spam for it and don’t see it, please contact me directly as there is likely a problem with your pledge or shipment details. You can message me through Kickstarter, through social media (see below), or email me at sean@materialcomponents.co. 

PDF Rewards

I have gotten a bunch of questions about how to get your hands on the PDF rewards. These were distributed via BackerKit on November 15th, so all confirmed pledges should have received an email notification with a link to download the PDF. If you didn’t get it, go to this website to access your pledge and download the file. If your pledge doesn’t contain the file, there’s likely some kind of problem with the order, so please let me know and I can help you sort it out. 

Clarification about HeroBook binding

As with our first campaign, I have received a few concerned comments regarding the appearance of the book’s spine. I wanted to take a moment to reassure concerned backers that nothing is wrong with your HeroBook if you can see the binding – it’s on purpose!

Our HeroBooks are assembled using a technique called smyth-sewn binding. Despite the raw look it is arguably the strongest book binding method available because the pages are literally sewn together with heavy duty thread and the spine is sealed with a thin layer of glue. This is the same type of binding you will find in archival-quality textbooks. This binding was chosen specifically because it allows the book to lay totally flat on your table no matter what page the book is open to, and we have planned to use this specific binding since day one. 

Normally, this type of binding is hidden by a hard cover, but any type of wraparound cover inhibits its ability to lay flat. Although it is unconventional looking, you have my word that it is as mighty as it is unique, and will last for many a campaign. Any of our backers who have been using their player HeroBooks for the last year or so can attest that this binding makes for excellent readability at the table and holds up very well to heavy use.

Share your HeroBook GM on social media

Nothing would bring me more holiday joy than seeing all of you incredible backers finally getting your HeroBooks. When you receive your order, I’d love if you shared it via social media – make sure to tag me so I see it, and let me know what you think. Feedback is an extremely valuable currency!

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