Happy December everybody! I just have a quick update for you today with some good news about fulfillment and some less good news about PAX Unplugged.

Fulfillment is right on schedule

The process of getting all of our rewards to their respective fulfillment warehouses is well underway and moving along without much issue. 100% of reward items, including HeroBooks and all add-ons (pens, cloths, and dice) are either in transit or delivered to our warehouses. As with the first HeroBook campaign, we are partnering with the friendly fulfillment wizards at Blackbox to ship your rewards from four warehouses located in the United States (Los Angeles), Canada (Toronto), the United Kingdom (Northampton), and Australia (Sydney). If you’re not located in one of these four countries, your rewards will ship from the warehouse closest to you. 

As this is always a very busy time of year for shipping, I am still unable to provide an exact timeline for reward delivery, but I can say with confidence we are in great shape with respect to meeting or exceeding our March 2020 estimate. As soon as I have more concrete details from Blackbox, I will share them with you here. 


Now for the bad news: I am disappointed to share that we have unfortunately had to withdraw our participation from PAX Unplugged later this week. Although our booth displays and HeroBooks were scheduled to be delivered to the show without issue, we experienced problems entering the United States on our way to Philadelphia. I won’t bore you with the details but suffice it to say we still have some things to figure out about our Canadian company doing business in the US. This news, while frustrating, is totally unrelated to the status of the fulfillment of Kickstarter rewards, so you need not worry. We will still be around the convention as attendees, but I regret that I will not have copies of HeroBook GM on hand to show off as we had to cancel our shipment and send everything back home. I apologize to anyone who was planning on checking out the book at PAX, and we hope to be there in full force next year. 

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