Happy October everybody! I return with some good news and a couple of reminders for you. Let’s start with the good stuff:

A wild unbound HeroBook GM appears! Check out how the details catch the light at the right angle.

The first stage of HeroBook GM manufacturing is complete! I have in my possession, as you can see above, a final printed version of the book without the binding. The black-on-black cover is subtle but striking – at certain angles, it looks featureless, but upon closer inspection, the design catches the light beautifully and really jumps off the page. When I decided on the black-on-black/gloss-on-matte design, I wanted it to represent what I think a good game master’s world should be: functional and inviting on the surface, but teeming with thoughtful details upon closer inspection. I am thrilled with how it looks and hopefully you can see why. It’s actually a pretty difficult effect to capture in a photo, so hopefully this GIF gives you a better idea of how it looks in person – if you don’t see it animating right away, give it a sec as it’s pretty big.

The printing stage is now essentially complete, and the paper signatures that make up the book have been cut and folded into what you see above. The unassembled books are now on their way from Vancouver to a facility in Los Angeles to receive their Smyth sewn binding, shrink wrapping, and packaging. While manufacturing is actually moving a little faster than predicted, I’m not quite prepared to adjust our March 2020 shipping estimate, as the delays we experienced our last project did occur after printing was completed. I’ve included ample time in the estimate for possible delays, so we are definitely on track to meet that deadline. Of course, I’ll keep you updated right here as we continue the march towards fulfillment.

Here’s the unbound HeroBook GM (256 pages) next to the bound player’s HeroBook (160 pages). HeroBook GM will be bound with black thread instead of the original book’s gold thread.

By special request from one of our followers on Instagram, here’s a little sneak preview of a handful of the NPC generator tables you’ll find inside – click for a high-quality version!

Reminder of Survey Lockdown Date

Backer surveys will be locked down on November 1st! If you need to make changes to your pledge, such as adding more books or any of our add-ons (including the new dry-erase pens!), it must be done by this date. I will be finalizing shipping addresses shortly thereafter, but I will let you know through another backer update in advance of this happening so that you have time to update your address if needed. To make changes to your pledge or update your shipping address, you can use your original backer survey email, or go here to send yourself a new one

HeroBook @ SHUX

For all our hometown friends in Vancouver, I will be hanging out at the D6 Publisher Resources booth at SHUX all weekend long, so make sure to drop by and say hello! We will have HeroBooks and accessories for sale, and I’ll have the unbound HeroBook GM proof on hand for anyone who’d like to get a sneak peek. I hope to see you there!

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