Time for a very exciting update – printing of HeroBook GM has begun right on time! I was fortunate to be invited down to the printer yesterday to watch as the first sheets came off the presses. I snapped a bunch of photos and video to share with you, so let’s get right to it. 

First of all, I finally got to see the finished cover! It’s really hard to capture on camera how awesome the black-on-black looks. The glossy details really catch the light and leap off the page. It’s exactly what I was hoping for. Trust me that it looks even more amazing in person! Sorry for the vertical videos, I was so excited!

 project video thumbnail

Here’s a clip of the black ink being rolled onto the printing plates.

 project video thumbnail

Here’s a look at what those printing plates look like before the ink is rolled on. We’re using a reticulated matte effect for the covers – this means the whole page is initially printed with a glossy surface, and then a matte varnish is applied onto everything except the graphic details. 

Front cover printing plates going into the press.

The books come off the press in these big uncut sheets, which are then cut and folded into 16-page signatures and stitched together. 

Checking the first sheet for ink density and accuracy.

Everything is still right on schedule. After the printing is complete, the sheets will be cut and folded here in Vancouver before being sent to Los Angeles to be bound and shink-wrapped. Our timeline is getting shorter as we check off these major milestones, but just in case you need a refresher:

SEPTEMBER-FEBRUARY: Manufacturing, packaging, add-ons arrive, shipping everything to distribution centers.

MARCH 2020: Shipping HeroBook GM to you!

I also have three other important updates to share related to add-ons, the backer survey, and conventions!

New Add-on Available: Dry-Erase Pens

I have added a new add-on option to the backer survey: dry-erase pens! They have the same great fine point tips as our awesome Staedtler wet erase pens, but you can wipe them off without moisture – they even have a small eraser nib on the end so you don’t end up with ink on your hands! If you want to add a dry-erase pen to your order, or switch from a wet-erase to a dry-erase pen, you can do so via your backer survey. To access your backer survey, use your original BackerKit email, or go here to send yourself a new one. HeroBook GM backers will be the first to get their hands on these new pens, but we’ll also make them available in our online store once we finish fulfillment of the campaign. 

Survey Lockdown & Charge Dates

I have finalized our survey lockdown date for November 1st. On that date, backer surveys will be locked so that we can finalize item counts for distribution and shipping, and we will be charging your card for any outstanding balance on your order. If you’d still like to make changes to your survey – for example, adding extra books, dice, pens, or cloths – you need to do so by Halloween. If you need to access your survey, you can use your original email from BackerKit, or go here to send yourself a new one. We will be finalizing shipping addresses right before we begin fulfillment, and I’ll be sure to give you plenty of notice in case your details have changed. 

Upcoming Conventions

I’m very excited to announce that we have two convention appearances coming up in the next couple of months. We’ll be at the D6 Publisher Resources booth at SHUX in our hometown of Vancouver in October, and will also be returning to PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia in December! Can’t wait to meet you there!

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