Hello backers! I have just a quick update for you today as we move closer to printing. 

Progress Update

HeroBook GM is moving right along on schedule. All of the rule and table/generator content has been written and laid out, and I’m currently working on completing the last few bits of the book such as the session log, stat blocks, and quick references. Next up will be a round of proofreading by myself as well as an independent proofreader to catch any typos or errors. I am aiming to finish everything up within the next two weeks and get the files off to our printer, and we’ll then begin a few rounds of print proofing to make sure everything looks great. Then it’s off to the presses! 

There are still around 150 backers who have not completed their backer survey. You must fill out your backer survey to receive your rewards. If you haven’t received your backer survey email, or you’re not sure if you completed it, please message me by clicking my Kickstarter profile at the top of the campaign page. 

As everything is on schedule, there is not much new to report in our timeline, but here’s a refresher of what the next few months should look like:

JULY: Completing the book and proofing.

AUGUST-FEBRUARY: Manufacturing, packaging, procuring add-on items, and shipping everything to distribution centres.

MARCH 2020: Shipping HeroBook GM to you!

Page Previews

Here are a couple of completed spreads for your previewing pleasure (all content subject to change):

Game Rules - Using Ability Scores
Game Rules – Using Ability Scores
Equipment - Adventuring Gear
Equipment – Adventuring Gear
Equipment - Expenses & Services
Equipment – Expenses & Services
Tables & Generators - NPC Quirks, Appearance & Quest Hooks
Tables & Generators – NPC Quirks, Appearance & Quest Hooks

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