Hello backers! Just a quick update today – we’ve crossed the 200% funded mark with just over a week to go. Got a GM friend who could use a HeroBook? They’ve only got 8 days left to pledge!

I’ve been working away at putting together the tables and generators that you’ll find inside HeroBook GM, and have another one to show you! Next, a member of our art team was recently featured by CBC for his work, which you should definitely check out. Finally, I’m holding a fun little giveaway for the final week of our campaign, so if you want to win your copy of HeroBook GM for free, or score some HeroBooks for your party, check it out!   

HeroBook GM Giveaway: Behind the Screen

It’s giveaway time! This one is real simple: I want to see behind your GM screen. Simply respond to one of our posts on Twitter or Facebook with a photo of what tools you have behind your screen – I wanna see those loose notes, messy binders, disorganized folders, and anything else you’re excited to replace with HeroBook GM. Replying with a photo on either post counts as an entry, and you can gain an additional entry by sharing or retweeting the post. If you reply to both posts, share, and retweet, you’ll get a total of four entries! So what can you win? There are four awesome prizes available!

1x Grand Prize: One copy of HeroBook GM, an original HeroBook for every member of your party, and your choice of a gorgeous semi-precious stone dice set from our friends at Level Up Dice

3x Runner-up Prizes: One copy of HeroBook GM, one original HeroBook, and a $25 gift card to Level Up Dice

The winners will be randomly chosen on April 4th, the final day of the Kickstarter campaign. If you’ve got a session in the next week, snap a photo, comment it on our posts, and get your GM tools in order!

Enter via Facebook / Enter via Twitter 

Content Preview – NPC Generator

This NPC generator is actually a combination of ten unique tables – three d20 tables (race, speech, voice) and seven d100 tables (positive trait, negative trait, profession, quirk, appearance, equipment, quest hook) – that you can use to generate just about any detail you might need for an NPC. Use all of them together to create a robust, memorable character as you prep for the session, or roll on just one or two of the tables in the middle of the game to give your vanilla town guard or stock bartender NPC some unique flair. To get new example results, just refresh the page. 

Preview the NPC generator here!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this preview – how do you generally create NPCs? Will you find something like this useful during your sessions?

CBC In Residence – Alex Gibson of the HeroBook Art Team

I’m bursting with pride to share with you last week’s CBC artist In Residence, my good friend Alex Gibson! Alex is originally from Barbados and much of his art explores the anxiety created by his conflicting queer and Caribbean backgrounds. As a graduate of Emily Carr University of Art & Design with a major in animation, Alex turns the uneasy “boiling” of his animations into a stirring metaphor for the complexity and confusion of growing up queer in a society that rejects it. 

Alex was a huge part of the art team for the first HeroBook, providing all of the beautiful items and trinkets found in each class section, as well as the full-page treant on page 85. I’m so excited to have him back as part of the team for HeroBook GM! Congrats on the feature, Alex!

Important note for all backers

Please double-check that the email address on file with your Kickstarter account is one you check regularly, especially if you’ve logged into Kickstarter using your Facebook account, which often has an old email address on file. I will be communicating with you throughout the campaign and all the way up to shipping time via these backer updates, and I want to make sure you don’t miss a thing. If you have any questions whatsoever about HeroBook or the campaign, don’t hesitate to contact me through Kickstarter (click on my profile) or email me at sean@materialcomponents.co.

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