Hello backers – I come to you with a bounty of good news, starting with… 

I am delighted to report that we’ve finally reached the conclusion of our fulfillment! As you may already know, shipping to US backers has begun, which means that 100% of backer rewards are either enroute or already delivered. If you haven’t received your shipment notification email from Blackbox, or have any other problems with your rewards, please let me know. 

I’d love to see your HeroBooks in action once they arrive! If you’re the social media type, use the hashtag #HeroBook or tag us at @materialcom on Twitter and @materialcomponentsco on Instagram. It’s so great to see so many of them finally landing in the hands of adventurers all around the world!

Next, for those of you who missed out on pre-orders or want to purchase another book as a gift, my next bit of good news!

HeroBooks are now available to purchase!

With the launch of our new website, our online store is finally open for business. Click the link above to check it out and order yours today.

As a special thank-you to backers for your amazing support throughout this entire campaign, I’ve sent out a 20% off discount code as a digital reward to all pledge levels – please check your email for a notification from BackerKit, or log in to your BackerKit account to receive the code. 

HeroBook Campaign Finale Livestream

Join me live on Twitch for the official HeroBook Campaign Finale on Saturday, February 9th at 12pm PT! We’ll be celebrating the conclusion of the campaign, giving away some free stuff, and I’ll be announcing the launch date for the HeroBook GM Kickstarter. 

I’d love to answer your questions AMA-style about HeroBook, the campaign, me, D&D, or anything else you can think of. You can submit your question now to be sure I answer it during the stream.

Hope to see you there!

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