Let’s cut right to the chase and get to the good news!

USA: All of our inventory has cleared US customs and has been delivered to the warehouse in California! They will need a few days to receive and unpack the items, so your patience is appreciated one last time as we get ready to begin shipping. I will post another backer update right here as soon as I can confirm packages are actually going out, so as always, you’ll be the first to know. 

AU: Shipping from Australia has started as of this morning! Most of these packages should be in transit within a few days.  

UK: Shipping from the UK began on January 7th just a few days after the last backer update; all shipments from the UK warehouse have either been delivered or are in transit.

CA: Fulfillment in Canada is complete!  

HeroBook Campaign Finale Livestream

Join me live on Twitch for the official HeroBook Campaign Finale on Saturday, February 9th at 12pm PT! I’ll be announcing the relaunch date for the HeroBook GM Kickstarter and previewing some of the book contents, giving away a bunch of free HeroBooks and accessories, and of course, hanging out all afternoon to meet you lovely backers and answer your questions. I’d love nothing more than to see you there! 

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