Happy new year everybody! Thank you for your continued patience regarding shipping. Let’s cut right to the chase as I’ve been getting lots of questions on where we’re at. As always, I am hesitant to provide specific ETAs wherever there is uncertainty, but this is the situation as of today.

USA: Shipping to the US is proving to be a challenge due to problems with clearing our add-on items (pens, cloths, dice) through US customs. We have had the shipment sent back to Vancouver twice and I have been getting conflicting information as to the nature of the issue. The books have been at the warehouse for a few weeks now, which is frustrating. This is ongoing, I’m working on it every day, and I hope to have it resolved very soon; I apologize to our many US backers who are patiently waiting for their deliveries. 

UK: Everything has been received at the UK warehouse and shipping is beginning early next week! 

AU: Everything has cleared customs in Australia; the add-on items have already been delivered and the books are arriving at the warehouse within a few days. I’m not sure exactly when shipping should start here but it should not be too long.

CA: Canadian fulfillment is largely complete; I believe we still have a few packages in transit, but the majority of shipments have been delivered.

Clarification regarding HeroBook binding

As of our backers in Canada have started to receive their shipments, I have received some feedback regarding the spine of the book and the way it’s bound. I wanted to clear up some apparent confusion about this design and why it looks the way it does.

Your HeroBook is bound using a technique called smyth sewing, which is a very tough construction that requires the pages to be physically sewn together with thread, and the spine of the book is then covered with a thin layer of glue. When I was choosing the binding method for the book, I wanted something that would lay completely flat when open, and this is the best option I was able to find.  

A few backers have expressed disappointment that the spine was uncovered or “unfinished”, but I want to clarify that this was a deliberate design choice. Any covering over the spine hinders the ability for the book to lay flat, which I considered more important than the small aesthetic improvement of putting a cover over the spine. I also want to clarify that this was not something voted on by backers; the vote that I conducted in October was regarding edge painting, which has nothing to do with the spine or the binding of the book. Edge painting was a stretch goal that was simply about painting the non-spine edges of the book to match the color of the cover. 

If you have any questions about the design or construction of your HeroBook before or after you’ve received your rewards, please don’t hesitate to let me know!

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