Hello everyone, just wanted to provide another HeroBook shipping update as I have been getting a lot of questions about where we’re at. Thank you to everyone again for your patience – much of the customs processing is out of my hands but I’m doing everything I can to move things along as quickly as possible.

As you can see, Canadian backers have begun receiving their shipments and fulfillment there is nearly complete. US and Australian shipments have partially cleared customs; we are still waiting on some items to be delivered to both of those warehouses. In the UK, everything has cleared customs and is being delivered to the warehouse. I am afraid given the time frame it is very unlikely that any US/AU/UK backers will receive their shipments before Christmas, but it should hopefully be shortly thereafter.

Giving HeroBook as a Christmas gift?

If you were planning on giving HeroBook as a Christmas gift and your order has not shipped yet, I have made up a set of placeholder cards you can present to your gift recipient in lieu of the books. There is one for each color:

Obsidian – Garnet – Emerald – Cobalt – Amethyst – Bone

Found a typo in your HeroBook?

As some backers have begun receiving their books, there have been a few typos found. I’m working on a public-facing document to track typos and errata, and obviously get them fixed for the second printing. If you’ve found a typo, please submit it to me using this form.

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