Hello everyone! A quick update for you today on a couple of fronts.

Production Update

I am happy to report that production is moving along as scheduled! Printing is complete and we are on to binding and finishing. I got my hands on a bindery proof yesterday, which is basically a fully printed book that has not been bound or finished yet, and I can tell you that it’s pretty much perfect. I’m really happy with the quality of the paper and how everything looks in print. The art is even more jaw-dropping than I could have imagined. You guys are gonna love it. I am itching to get the final product in my hands, and with any luck it should not be much longer than a couple of weeks!

HeroBook GM Launch Date

Game masters, start your engines: HeroBook GM is coming to Kickstarter on November 20th, 2018!

HeroBook GM will be the same form factor as the original, but rewritten from the ground up to include everything you could conceivably need while running a 5th edition game: tools for encounter building and balancing, template pages for monsters, NPCs, and items, a session log, dozens of tables and generators, and of course, the entire 5e rule set sourced from the System Reference Document. Instead of a character sheet, the reusable front and back inside covers of HeroBook GM have party, initiative and combat trackers, quick fillable monster and NPC templates, and lots of empty space with our 3-in-1 line/grid/dot system for notes, maps, or anything else that you just need to jot down for a second.

As someone who does more GMing than playing these days… I might be even more excited about this one than the first!

Important Dates for Pre-orders

Pre-orders for HeroBook are still going strong, so if you’ve got a friend or party member who might be interested, make sure to send them our way. In order to transition to normal sales once we get everything shipped to our backers, we’ll be ending pre-orders on November 1st, with pre-order payments being processed the same day. We’ll have our online store up as quick as possible thereafter, but you may not be able to order for a couple of weeks while we get everything set up. If you want to get your hands on a HeroBook before Christmas, pre-ordering is highly recommended, as it’ll be shipped out in our first batch with our Kickstarter backers.

Material Components at Fan Expo Vancouver

My hometown heroes, I hope to see you at Fan Expo Vancouver in just three weeks! If all goes well with printing, I expect to have the final HeroBooks on hand for you to feast your eyes on! We’ll also be debuting a set of awesome buttons to match the six HeroBook covers, which will be exclusive to conventions – so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to come and say hello!

As I do not expect we will have shipped to our backers by then, we will not have HeroBooks for sale at Fan Expo, but if you’re still looking to get one, never fear, you have until November 1st to pre-order!

Need to update your shipping address?

Whether you’re a Kickstarter backer or a pre-order…er, you can update your shipping address until right before we ship. You can do this via your original BackerKit survey email or pre-order confirmation email. If you need a new link, just go here to send yourself another one.

Clarification on PDF version

As I’ve gotten a few questions about it, I thought I’d clarify that we’ll be sending out the HeroBook PDF version download to all $5-and-up backers right before we ship. Thanks for your patience, digital heroes!


  • COMPLETED – Kickstarter campaign ends May 24th, pledges processed
  • COMPLETED – HeroBook Design Questionnaire sent out
  • COMPLETED – Sending backer surveys, pre-orders begin
  • COMPLETED – Backer surveys complete, layout complete
  • COMPLETED – HeroBook sent to printer, add-ons ordered
  • COMPLETED – Backer surveys locked down, Digital Rewards distributed
  • RIGHT NOW – printing and finishing HeroBooks, add-ons arriving
  • October – sending HeroBook & add-ons to fulfillment centers
  • Oct 12-14 – Material Components @ Fan Expo in Vancouver, BC
  • November – delivering HeroBooks & add-ons to backers
  • Nov 20 – HeroBook GM Edition launches on Kickstarter
  • Nov 30 – Dec 2 – Material Components @ PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, PA

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