Hello backers! Just a quick update today to get you up to speed on where we’re at with production.

Printing is on schedule

We’re moving right along with printing your HeroBooks within the expected time frame. This last week or so I’ve been going over proofs with a fine-toothed comb, making small changes and fixes to the print files, and working with my printer to make sure we have everything just right. Big thank you to Ernie from Hemlock for guiding me through this complex process. Here’s a little sneak peek at some of the final proofs!

Add-ons starting to arrive

All of our add-on items (pens, cloths, and dice) have been ordered. A shipment of nearly 250 lbs. of Chessex dice should be arriving at my office later today – I’ll make sure to post some photos and videos on social media the moment they show up, because, I mean, who doesn’t want to see 250 lbs. of dice in one place?

I’m also excited to share the final digital proofs for the pen and cloth add-ons! We added some extra bonus features to the cleaning cloth: the edges are stitched for extra durability, and the logo is stamped with gold foil. The final size of the cleaning cloth is 5.5″ x 8.0″, just a little bit smaller than the size of the book, so you can tuck it inside the cover or inside the book without needing to fold it. As for the pens, the image below shows how the final pens will look along with an “unrolled” barrel to show the full graphic.

GM Edition Research Questionnaire

As you may know, we’ve begun development on the 5E GM Edition of HeroBook, which will be coming to Kickstarter Q4 2018/Q1 2019. It’s time for me to gather some feedback from the many GMs out there on what they’d like to see in the book and what challenges they face while playing. Fill out the questionnaire here if you’d like to have a say in what ends up in the HeroBook GM Edition!


Things are moving along right on schedule! This timeline is included in every project update, so if you want to know exactly where we’re at, just check the most recent post!

  • COMPLETED – Kickstarter campaign ends May 24th, pledges processed
  • COMPLETED – HeroBook Design Questionnaire sent out
  • COMPLETED – Sending backer surveys, pre-orders begin
  • COMPLETED – Backer surveys complete, layout complete
  • COMPLETED – HeroBook sent to printer, add-ons ordered
  • COMPLETED – Backer surveys locked down, Digital Rewards distributed
  • RIGHT NOW – printing HeroBooks, add-ons arriving
  • September – sending HeroBooks & add-ons to our shipping providers
  • October – delivering HeroBooks & add-ons to Kickstarter backers
  • November – delivering HeroBooks & add-ons to pre-order customers

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