The votes are in!

Over 1,800 of you have submitted your votes for the 5th HeroBook cover option, and it’s time to find out the winning color!

With 52.2% of the votes, the winner is… Amethyst!

I want that #PurpleStuff!
I want that #PurpleStuff!

But wait…

It was so much fun hearing everyone’s (very passionate) opinions on the cover options over the last few weeks that it would be hard for me not to give back a little extra. Just a small way of saying thank you for all the support.

I’m excited to announce that you will have a sixth cover option, with 33.8% of the votes… it’s Bone!

Welcome to #BoneTown!
Welcome to #BoneTown!

That’s right – you’ll have SIX cover options to choose from!

Thanks to everyone who submitted your votes! It was so much fun seeing how passionate everyone was about their favorite color. For those who voted for Citrine or another color, don’t despair – we may offer more colors in the future!


Backer surveys & pre-orders coming next week

We’re just about ready to send out your backer surveys, which should be arriving in your email inbox by the end of next week. You will use your backer survey to finalize your pledge, choose your cover colors, and provide your shipping address. If you want additional HeroBooks or add-ons, you’ll be able to add as many as you like to your pledge.

Around the same time, we’ll be launching our pre-order store for anyone who missed the Kickstarter campaign. The expected delivery date for pre-orders is November, approximately one month after our expected October delivery date for backers.

Changes to HeroBook based on feedback

Thanks again to everyone who gave amazing feedback via the design questionnaire. I was able to gain some valuable insights from your suggestions, and we have several tweaks to the book’s design that I’m excited to tell you about:

  • Character sheet: reduce the size of the HP box, add a currency tracker, add a class feature tracker (eg Sorcery Points, Wild Shape)
  • Races and classes: remove full text of SRD archetypes and sub-races, replace with simple book and page references for all archetypes and sub-races (eg Cleric Forge Domain – Xanathar’s Guide to Everything pg. 19)
  • Inside back cover: this second reusable surface will mostly include simple lines/dots/grid for notes, with the bottom half of the left page blank for doodles and free-form notes.

I also have one small update to the design and construction to tell you about:

  • All HeroBooks will be sewn using yellow-gold binding thread to match the accent cover on the covers.

Although the cover vote has concluded, the backer questionnaire is still open for another week, so if you have any thoughts you’d like to share about the design and construction of your HeroBook, please check your email for the link, which was sent out on May 24th.

Free HeroBook winners from the livestream

Congratulations to the following backers, who each won a free HeroBook during our post-campaign live stream. I will be sending each of you a promo code before the backer surveys are sent out!

  • Ryan (backer #308)
  • Katrina (backer #1500)
  • Jennine (backer #1696)
  • Matt (backer #1830)
  • Hannah (backer #2233)
  • Bongo458 (backer #2477)

Thanks to everybody who joined us on stream – looking forward to more streams in the near future!


I’ll be including this timeline in all of our backer updates going forward, so if you want to know exactly where we’re at, just scroll down to the timeline on the latest update.

  • COMPLETED – Kickstarter campaign ends May 24th, pledges processed
  • COMPLETED – HeroBook Design Questionnaire sent out
  • RIGHT NOW – Finalizing backer surveys; designing HeroBooks
  • Next week – Backer surveys sent out
  • July – finalizing HeroBook and sending to print
  • July & August – printing HeroBooks & procuring add-ons
  • September – sending HeroBooks & add-ons to our shipping providers
  • October – delivering HeroBooks & add-ons around the world!

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