400% Funded – All Stretch Goals Unlocked – 2 Days Left!




HeroBook is 400% funded!

All stretch goals have been unlocked as we head into the final two days of the campaign! Every HeroBook will receive three upgrades:

  • The cover stock on every HeroBook will be upgraded from 100lb stock to 120lb stock for extra durability.
  • An extra cover option has been unlocked! The color and style will be chosen by backers after the campaign ends.
  • The edges of your HeroBook will be painted in a solid color to match the cover of your book. Extra style points!

I’m a backer! What comes next?

The end of any Kickstarter campaign is a flurry of excitement, so here’s a quick rundown of how things will happen once the campaign closes at 5am PT on Thursday, May 24th. All of these dates are approximate and subject to change, so don’t freak out if things are bit off schedule!

  • May 24th – the campaign closes! I’ll be sending all backers a link to the HeroBook Design Questionnaire to gather feedback on the design and layout of the product, collect color votes on the 5th cover option, and ask you about potential future products from Material Components. You will only have two weeks to complete this questionnaire, so get your responses in ASAP.
  • May 24th to June 7th – During this period, Kickstarter will process your pledge. Your card will be charged according to the pledge amount you selected during the campaign.
  • June 15th – around this date, I will be sending your Backer Survey from BackerKit. This survey allows you to select your pledge options (eg cover colors) and choose your add-ons. You can increase your pledge via your Backer Survey to get additional books and add-ons. This is also how you’ll provide your shipping information.
  • July 1st – around this date, we will be finalizing HeroBook and sending the files to our printer.
  • July thru August – printing HeroBooks & procuring add-ons
  • September – sending HeroBooks & add-ons to our shipping provider(s)
  • October – delivering HeroBooks & add-ons around the world!

How will I be able to keep track of the campaign?

Right here on the Kickstarter project page! I’ll be posting updates throughout the process above and keep you in the loop about how things are going. If you have email notifications enabled, you’ll get each update in your email the moment it’s available.

Art and story rewards still available

We still have SEVEN awesome art and story rewards available for latecomers:
  • $500 – Your Character in Every HeroBook (4 left) 
    Our art team will draw your tabletop character, and they’ll be printed inside every HeroBook as part of our original art. Includes a signed print from the artist. To get this reward in addition to a HeroBook, just add the amount above to your existing pledge.
  • $500 – Your Story in Every HeroBook (3 left)We’ll work with you to write a short story, first person narrative, sonnet, prayer, or epic poem about your tabletop character or party, which will be printed inside every HeroBook. Includes a signed print from the creator. To get this reward in addition to a HeroBook, just add the amount above to your existing pledge.
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