You guys are honestly incredible.

I can’t really describe to you what a thrill ride this last couple of days have been. This is as good as I can do:

This campaign has absolutely blown away all of my expectations and it’s all thanks to the support and generosity of backers like yourselves. To hit $40k surpassed all of my expectations – to hit $100k… I’m just floored. Thank you, thank you, thank you, I can’t say it enough times.

Stretch Goals UNLOCKED!

I didn’t even have time to post about the first stretch goal unlock before we hit the second. Every HeroBook is going to receive two upgrades at no extra cost!

  • The cover stock will be upgraded from 100lb stock to 120lb stock, for a 20% increase in durability.
  • A 5th cover option will be available to all backers, and you’ll all get an opportunity to vote on which color it will be via our design survey after the campaign ends.

There is just one stretch goal left to go – I won’t be announcing any more – and we have just over a week to get there!

  • $125,000 – Edge Painting – If we reach $125,000 in funding, the edges of your HeroBook will be painted in a solid color to match the cover of your book. Extra style points!

BackerQuest LEVEL UP!

We’ve reached Level 3 in the #BackerQuest campaign, which means three fun rewards have been unlocked for every backer:

  • I will be hosting a livestream on Twitch at the end of the campaign where I’ll personally thank every single backer by name, and will host a live, backers-only giveaway draw for HeroBooks and lots of other goodies!
  • All backers will recieve a pack of wallpaper images, designed to match the HeroBook covers, in all common device sizes.
  • All backers will receive a pack of character token images, designed to match the HeroBook covers. Print them out or use them in online/Roll20 games!

There’s still two more levels to go, so keep posting about HeroBook using the hashtag #BackerQuest – every backer can earn up to 3 XP per day by posting on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. If you have a favorite tabletop streaming or podcast personality that you think would love HeroBook, maybe shoot them a nice message – please don’t spam anyone!

HeroBook at your local game store

Now that the campaign has reached its funding goal, I’m looking to partner with local game stores around the world to get HeroBooks on their shelves after the campaign ends. If you think your favorite local game store would be a great fit for HeroBook, sending them a friendly message to express your interest will go a long way.

For retailers who want to get in early, don’t forget we have a Retailer Deposit pledge level for $200. Retailers will get access to retail-friendly prices on larger quantities via your BackerKit survey at the end of the campaign, and you’ll be one of the first stores in the world to have the HeroBook available. Plus, I’ll be listing all retailers on my website as preferred places to get your hands on HeroBook.

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