Hello backers, time for another update!

Your support so far has been overwhelming! Thank you so much to everyone who has backed the campaign. Here’s some statistics from our first five days:

  • One HeroBook is still our most popular pledge reward, with 96 backers and $4,135 of funding raised.
  • Our campaign video has been watched 2,822 times.
  • About 35% of our backers have discovered the project through Kickstarter, and 65%through external referrals.
  • About 71% of backers are from the United States, 21% from Canada, 4% from the United Kingdom, and 5% from other locations.
  • We got our first pledge from the Netherlands! Thank you, Dutch friend!

We still have a long way to go, so make sure to share the campaign with your party, friends, family, and anyone else who you think could use one. But before you reach for that Tweet button…

Announcing #BackerQuests

Backer Quests are a way for backers to help promote our Kickstarter campaign while earning rewards for all other backers in the process. Complete quests by mentioning HeroBook on social media and helping spread the word to the community. Every quest completed earns XP for the campaign, and if we gain enough XP together, we’ll unlock great rewards for all backers like bonus digital content and Kickstarter-exclusive covers.

Here are just a few of the quests you can complete right now to gain XP for all backers:

And here’s sample of the rewards that we’ll unlock if we level up:

  • Kickstarter-exclusive cover options
  • Livestreams with exclusive giveaways
  • Creation of a HeroBook Hall of Fame (get your character’s name inside every HeroBook!)

See our campaign page for all the details!

New Pledge Rewards

We’ve announced FOUR new pledge rewards! By supporting our campaign with one of these bonus pledges, you can get some amazing rewards.

  • Your tabletop character or party, illustrated and printed inside every HeroBook, plus a signed print from the artists ($500 to $1000)
  • A story, sonnet, or epic poem about your character or party’s legend, written and printed inside every HeroBook, plus a signed print from the creator ($500)
  • An exclusive, open-ended 90-minute Q&A with the project creator to talk about HeroBook, 5E, your character, or absolutely anything else you want. ($250)

We have a few backers who have generously pledged to the campaign without choosing a reward, so if you’re one of those people, snag one of these limited rewards now!

Livestream Recap

If you missed our International Tabletop Day 2018 live stream, it’s viewable in full for 48 hours on our campaign page! Thanks to everyone who spent some time with me this afternoon.

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