Wow, what a launch day! We crossed the 20% FUNDED threshold late last night and are continuing on at a great pace this morning. I could not have asked for a better start to the campaign, thank you, thank you, thank you for your pledges, your kind words, your ideas and suggestions – you have already made this an incredibly special journey for me and we’re just getting started. I’m pretty tired today after a long launch day but I feel incredibly energized by the response so far. You guys are amazing!

Some numbers on the campaign so far:

– We’ve raised $8,800 of our $40,000 goal
– 115 backers have pledged
– We’ve received pledges from Canada, the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, and the Philippines
– Our average pledge is $76.52
– Our most popular pledge tier has been 1 HeroBook, with 53% of backers and 31% of funds raised

An extra special hello and thank you to everyone who joined us at the Storm Crow Alehouse in Vancouver last night for our launch party. It was such a thrill to meet people who have been following the campaign on social media for months and get to talk to you about your characters and campaigns. Bray and the rest of the crew at the Alehouse were extremely kind and accommodating and I can’t wait for an excuse to have another party there!

Our table at Storm Crow Alehouse! We were basically just watching the 1983 D&D cartoon all night.
Our table at Storm Crow Alehouse! We were basically just watching the 1983 D&D cartoon all night.

Now, on to more fun stuff: I’m very excited to announce our first Kickstarter Live stream, taking place this Saturday, April 28th for International Tabletop Day! Join me right here on the project page where I’ll be showing off the prototype, answering your questions about HeroBook and the Kickstarter, and maybe even announcing some fun and unique reward tiers for our backers!

We’ve got a long campaign ahead of us, but thanks to your generosity, we’re well on our way! Hope to see you all on Saturday, and don’t hesitate to reach out before then if you have any questions or concerns about the campaign or your pledge.

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